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We At Wudassie Diagnostic Center
  • We are responsive to our patients’ needs and proactive in our relationships with referring physicians.
  • We give service 24/7 ,365/6 days a year and on the 13th month we give free service for those eligible for it.
  • We do everything possible to create a true partnership as we strive for diagnostic certainty.
  • Supports several charities and healthcare promotions. We strive to be the best in every aspect of our practice and in our dedication to serve our community.





Frequent Questions

What do I need for a CT-Scan or MRI diagnosis?

A:All you need is a prescription from your doctor. A patient is legible for diagnosis if he/she comes with a prescription which indicates the examination type.

Is there an age limit for CT-Scan or MRI diagnosis?

A:There is no limit to use a CT-Scan or MRI examination. Since CT-scans use radiation, MRI is recommended to use for children. When a child (up to the age of 3) comes for an MRI diagnosis, he/she must be sleeping in case they move during the examination; sometimes doctors prescribe a medicine called Diazepam which helps the children to sleep.

What is the difference between MRI and CT-scan?

A:CT is an abbreviation that stands for Computed Tomography. It is a machine that is mainly used or diagnostic purpose; meaning that it is primarily used for investigation of a disease instead of therapy or treatment reasons. To understand how it works, imagine a box that is filled with high energy or power that revolves around an arc; now picture that power being released and interacting with a body part to produce multiple slices of images of the body part that is being scanned. The big box of energy is called the X-ray tube that releases x-rays during scanning and the arc is the doughnut shaped gantry that allows the tube to rotate. This machine is capable of identifying different levels of density of tissues inside an organ and can deliver detailed information about the nervous, cardiovascular, skeletal system…etc.
CT is an inclusive diagnostic tool. There are no limits to the type of patients that it scans. It’s mostly used during trauma and accidents because the scan time is very fast and it provides accurate diagnosis. As the scan time is very quick the radiation exposure to the patient is minimal and provides better images with high resolution.
MRI is also an abbreviation that stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. This is also another diagnostic tool that incorporates the used of Electro-Magnetic field. To simply explain how it operates; imagine a bar magnet that produces its own magnetic field,now imagine we connected this magnet withan electric source that generates its own electric field. Both of them together create an electromagnetic field. As the patient steps into this electro-magnetic field the molecules inside their body start to align themselves according to the field around them. That signal is then processed to produce an image. This signal produces excellent image resolution of soft tissue structures.
Unlike the CT scan, MRI is not inclusive for every patient. Because:
1. metallic objects are not allowed with in the room since it works with a magnet
2. patients with cardiac pacemakers and orthopedic implants are not able to undergo scanning
3. The scanning time is also longer and produces a lot of noise. It produces discomfort for patients who are claustrophobic.

How can an individual get “Pagumen for Health”free of charge services?

A:Any person with a prescription for CT-scan or MRI diagnosis can come to WDC and be part of Pagumen for Health free CT scan and MRI services. Even though, WDC gives free services for those who cannot afford whenever they need; Pagumen for Health is mainly intended to reach out to those who have not heard about this and in need of a diagnostic services. For registration and information, please use +251-940-10-10-10.

Is there a chance that other businesses can work with WDC?

A:WDC facilitates suitable ways to work with different hospitals, clinics and organizations; like credit payment. Credit payment is one of the ways that helps our customers by facilitating ease of access to control their financials and develop business relation with WDC.
Clinics and hospitals may send any patient to WDC for diagnosis and close the payment at their convenience. Organizations which have healthcare services for their employees can also arrange payment modalities with WDC without getting receipts from the employees for a refund.
For more and detailed information on credit agreements, feel free to contact us on +251-943-53-53-53, +251-940-10-10-10

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